VINCCLER, C.A. Venezolana de Inversiones y Construcciones Clerico, Compañía Anónima, is a Limited Liability Company, private company limited by shares working as a general contractor that has been actively involved in the construction industry for more than 60 years.

Its background and growth have been linked to the country’s development, as the company has taken part in the most relevant construction works performed by the public and private sectors and related to the infrastructure and industrial evolution in Venezuela.

The experience gained, as well as the size and diversity of all projects carried out, have brought VINCCLER to show a significant presence in the construction market.

Quality, safety and environmental policy


«… helping to add value, and complying with the customer requirements, as well as with all technical, legal and regulatory standards…»

 Work Safety and Health

«… remove hazards and minimize any injury related risk, preserve its worker’s integral health and provide a safe and a healthy workplace …»


«… to preserve and protect the environment in strict compliance with the environmental legislation and other applicable requirements»

Manufacture, Machinery and Equipment

Manufacture, machinery and equipment
  • Machinery – tractors, scrapers, payloaders,
    digger machines, backhoes, bulldozers,
    compacting trucks, rock trucks, articulated trucks and water jet trucks.

  • Aggregates – processing plants for yielding construction aggregates.

  • Concrete – dosing plants, mixing trucks and concrete pumping machines.

  • Asphalt – mix yielding plants,
    pavers, recycling machines, milling machines, distributor trucks and compacting rollers.

  • Vehicles – articulated trucks, dump trucks, mining trucks, pickups, flatbed trucks,
    vehicles, ambulances.

  • Lifting – hydraulic cranes, 28 to 150 ton telescopic cranes: on all terrain chassis and on trucks.

  • Miscellaneous– containers, sandblasting equipment units, forklifts, compressors,
    welding machines, electric power plants, vibrating machines, compacting machines, hydraulic hammers, portable devices for electrical, instrumentation and telecommunication works.

Offices, manufacture and workshops

Construction services and experience

Infrastructure construction works: civil, mechanic, electrical, instrumentation and telecommunication projects.

Investments in Oil and Gas

VINCCLER has always taken part in the oil business seeking to capitalize on opportunities arising from the investment plans set by this industry within the medium and long terms.

  • 1992 – The company Benton Oil & Gas Co. and VINCCLER C.A. were the first ones to be awarded a tender process by Petroleos de Venezuela S.A., for entering into an operating agreement related to a reactivation process for wells located in the Venezuelan eastern region. Based on such agreements, the company performed exploration and production operations at Uracoa, Bombal and Tucupita fields in Monagas Southern Unit.

  • 1995 – Pennzoil Corporation S.A. and VINCCLER, C.A. executed a 20 year term agreement with Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. for reactivating Cumarebo and La Vela mature oil fields at Falcon Eastern Unit, in the Venezuelan western region. However, by 2000 Pennzoil Corporation S.A. sold its share in such agreement to VINCCLER C.A.

  • 2007 – The Monagas Southern Unit Operating Agreement migrated to Petrodelta Mixed Company, with Harvest, VINCCLER C.A. and Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. as sharehoders. As of 2006, the Falcon Eastern and Western Units Operating Agreements were migrated to Petrocumarebo Mixed Company which by 2012 was under the control of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. and VINCCLER C.A.

  • 2018 – VINCCLER C.A. took part in the Round for Minor Fields in Ecuador, winning the tender processes related to Paka Norte, Oso and Yuralpa fields located within such country, through the Ecuadorian Company referred to as Wayra Energy.

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